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September 17, 2017

Chesterfield, MO (The Peebco News Feed) The Peebco Energy Group

For the second time in two years, the Peebco Energy Group has entered into the M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institution of Technology)'s CHIEF Business Plan competition for new and emerging technologies.

In 2015, the Peebco Energy Group's Executive Business Summary made the finals. That same year, the Peebco Energy Group was also invited back for a second visit to introduce the Peebco Energy Group's emerging technologies to a host of international investors. With the development of this year's West Africa rail lines and Peebco's other international precious metal mining endeavors, the Peebco Energy Group hope to once again make the finals. This year's 2017.

finalist will be announced on November 17, 2017. Good luck to the Peebco Energy Group


April 3rd, 2021

Chesterfield, MO (The Peebco News Feed) The Peebco Energy Group -


Joseph Peebles was made Co-chairman of the Executive Board of Directors for TransRailnet International. TransRailnet International is a builder and developer of an East African deep-sea port.  The deep-sea port will integrate multiple hybrid, green energy trains.  The deep-sea port will also generate electricity via Peebco's green energy turbine farm as well.


For additional information, please visit our sister TransRailnet International's website at:



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