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Peebco's Giant Glass Geodesic Energy Dome


The Peebco Energy Group's giant, 11-story glass, geodesic dome will become known as the "Home of the Giant Dome on the River."  It will be built on the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

The Peebco's Energy Group's giant, secure, geodesic dome is being established for green energy laboratory research, fuel creation, and new product development.  Commercial rental space will also be made available for international, commercial tenants.

The below safe guards and calculations will be put in place for our future tenants.  The dome will operate solely and completely on the Peebco Energy Group's green kinetic energy and power sources.  The below safe-guarding features will be incorporated within the dome facility and its surrounding acreage:

     - 24 hour lighted security

     - Secure underground parking

     - Fuel selection and characterization

     - Gasification chemistry

     - Fuel flow based upon energy demands

     - Process energy balances

     - Process mass balances

     - Facility Energy balance

     - Gasification mass flow calculations

     - Steam turbine energy requirements

     - Auxiliary steam and electric consumption

     - Bench-marking of process according to the required standards

     - Facility acreage (footprint) calculations

     - By-product volume calculation and storage

     - Logistic requirements and shipping (rail, highway, and river accesses)

     - By-product fuel and storage requirements

     - Fuel and research labor requirements

     - By-product volume calculations and secure safe-keeping

     - Product personnel requirements

The  additional requirements will be based upon the tenants logistics and specifications.

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